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Sparrow & Vine

Sparrow & Vine Project B Oak Aged Mead

Sparrow & Vine Project B Oak Aged Mead

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Project B is made from raw honey, water and time.


We don’t add yeasts or nutrients during fermentation, so this process is slow, over 3 months to finish, as opposed to a week for a “normal” ferment.

What we’ve learnt too is that mead needs time to settle. Time softens and lengthens flavours. Takes away the sharp edges. Adds dimensions. Concentrates complexity.

So we left this to age, in an old French oak barrel, for over 4 years.
The result is a quote remarkable drink.  Aromatic memories of flowering gum, preserved lemons, dried herbs, cinnamon, nutmeg that echo vermouth. The palate soft and sharp at the same time, a toasty, nutty, creamy softness underpined by taut natural acidity carrying a myriad of flavours.
It is a compelling drink, to sip cold, with a cheese platter, or as unique mixer in cocktails.
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