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Saison Aperitifs

Saison Aperitifs Fallen Quinces Vermouth 2022

Saison Aperitifs Fallen Quinces Vermouth 2022

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Saison is a small batch handmade vermouth that celebrates the bounty of each season. We are proudly made in Melbourne by chef turned aperitif nerd Dave Verheul.

Saison was conceived from the idea that new Australian vermouth could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient led flavour profiles rather than the traditional heavily spice and caramel driven palette of many European producers. Dave’s extensive culinary background gives him a unique skillset when it comes to building vibrant layers of flavour, and a fresh set of eyes on how those flavours are presented.

Our sweet vermouth is made using Moscato from a 30 year old family run vineyard on the banks of the Murray River near Rutherglen in Central Victoria. While the vineyard has not been through the certification process the wine is made following strict organic principles and adheres to high standards of sustainability.

For our 2022 ‘fallen quinces’ release we have made several different infusions using beautiful organic pineapple quinces grown near Seymour north of Melbourne, as well as spirit infusions made from saffron, blood orange, bay leaf, dried jasmine flower and rhubarb root. These infusions are blended into the wine with two organic types of Australian wormwoods, and balanced with a caramelised quince sugar. The vermouth is then left to age on burnt quinces. ‘Fallen quinces’ is un-fined and unfiltered. - Saison

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