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Ravensworth Regional Sangiovese 2023

Ravensworth Regional Sangiovese 2023

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If you are after a wine but not sure what to eat, this is the one. Its all about red fruit, cherries, cranberries with a lovely amaroesque finish. Just goes so well with foods high in acid lashed with olive oil.

Ravensworth 2022 Regional Sangiovese
Collection: Regional
Vintage: 2022
GI: Hilltops, Canberra District
Vineyard source: Bit of Heaven, Bret Ridley's place, Freeman vineyard
Harvest date: 25th March
Processing: on skins for three weeks
Élevage: 11 months
Vessels: Older barriques
Vintage conditions: Another cool year, very wet early that kept us on our toes in the vineyard. Was a year for patience, faith and gumboots.
Bottling date: =Feb 2023
Production: 1600 dozen
Cellaring: 5 - 7 years
Something interesting: Its our 20th year making sangiovese.
Drink with: Pasta right, or pizza at a pinch. 

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