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Occhipinti Pettineo 2021

Occhipinti Pettineo 2021

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The vineyard from which the Frappato grapes for the Occhipinti Pettineo PT are sourced is around 60 years old, and it regularly produces the most elegant wines of the three 'Vino di Contrada' wines produced by Arianna Occhipinti. The wine shows brilliant aromas of dark fruit, plums and mulberries, with excellent balance between tannin and acidity, producing an utterly delicious wine.

An interesting point about the Pettineo vineyard is that the vines have been propagated using Massale selection. This is a process where cuttings are taken from the best vines in a vineyard and are then planted, which increases genetic diversity (as opposed to Clonal selection, where all the new vines are genetically identical) while using cuttings from plants that have been proven to grow well in the vineyard. Neat.

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