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Muto Aperitivo Spritz

Muto Aperitivo Spritz

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2022 Aperitivo Spritz (Sparkling), Colbinabbin, Heathcote, Victoria
ALC. 12% - Closure: Crown Seal - Vegan Friendly

100% Pecorino - Infused with Citrus, Herbs, Flowers & Botanicals, and carbonated
using fresh orange juice to produce an Aperitivo style Sparkling Spritz.
Complex and Refreshing, featuring Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Mandarin, calming
Chamomile and Rooibos, fragrant Elderflower & Jasmine, herbaceous Thyme &
Rosemary, and balanced by bitter notes of Gentian & Wormwood. This is an
Aperitivo Spritz that's ready to pour, no ice or mixing required. Serve Well Chilled!
Pecorino grown by the Chalmers Family in Heathcote was pressed and fermented to
dryness. This is then settled in tank where we steep organic botanicals in the wine for
many months. Once the desired level of infusion is achieved the wine is blended with fresh orange juice and bottled. This additional sugar starts off a second fermentation in bottle, producing carbonation which is trapped in the bottle. The end result is a Sparkling Spritz, reminiscent of Italian Aperitivo cocktails. Bottled, sealed, and
labelled on site.

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