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Marionette Bitter Curaçao Liqueur

Marionette Bitter Curaçao Liqueur

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Marionette Bitter Curaçao is all about the fruit. Seville oranges bring a taste of the Mediterranean by way of Mildura, delivering luscious, candied orange flavours – bitter and warming all at once. Cacao, pomelo, and orange pith are first up on the nose, the warm earthy notes making way for a palate of raspberries and violets. Sherbety citrus shines, alongside peppery spice and a zip of herbal bitterness. This is the bitter aperitivo your negronis have been waiting for.

Marionette's Bitter Curaçao features Seville & Navel oranges sourced directly from Glen, a third generation citrus farmer from Mildura. The oranges in their many forms are macerated and distilled along with bittering soaks and teas.

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