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La Mere Lalie

La Mere Lalie Country Style Pate IGP 180g

La Mere Lalie Country Style Pate IGP 180g

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This La Mere Lalie Country Style Pate is a French charcuterie meticulously prepared from 100% Label Rouge meat, showcasing unmatched quality and taste.

  • Label Rouge Excellence: Crafted from premium Label Rouge meat, this pate exemplifies the pinnacle of quality and flavour.
  • Meticulous Preparation: Slow-cooked to perfection, it boasts a rich, unforgettable taste and texture.
  • Quality Ingredients: A blend of 60% pork and 40% Coche ensures authenticity and delectable taste.
  • Controlled Manufacturing: Rigorous quality checks guarantee consistent, traceable excellence in every batch.
  • Gourmet Pleasure: Whether spread on crusty bread or featured on your charcuterie platter, this pate delivers the true essence of superior French charcuterie.
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