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Gut Oggau

Gut Oggau Bertholdi Blaufränkisch 2021

Gut Oggau Bertholdi Blaufränkisch 2021

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The crown jewel of the Gut Oggau range, extremely limited. A commanding Blaufränkisch grown in Burgenland Austria by by Eduard Tscheppe and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck. Farmed using biodynamic principles (Demeter certified) and pressed in a 200 year old basket press. Unfined, unfiltered and zero sulphur. 

Dark fruits, black pepper, strong acid. 

Terroir: Limestone and Slate
Age of vines: 60 years old
Vinification: Grapes are hand-harvested // the juice spends a couple of days on the skin and stems // pressed with an ancient wooden tree press // ageing in wooden barrels.

Notes from the winemaker: Once Bertholdi opens up and starts telling his stories, you never want him to stop. Your senses linger on every drop as his voice caresses you with dulcet tones.

He tells of an emotional life, of times in the vineyards and times on the skinks. Of ancient tree presses and the peace and tranquility of his days spent in barrels, where he would relax and reflect on his journey so far. He remains connected to his roots, in touch with the earth. But still possesses a vitality and hunger for new experiences and an infallible spirit that stands up to face whatever comes his way. For us, this is what a full life tastes like. Feel warm and comforted in his presence, his wisdom and humanity. Be inspired by the strength and confidence within you, connected to nature, sun and soil.

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