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Gonzo Vino ‘Throw Shade’ Cabernet Rose 2023 3L

Gonzo Vino ‘Throw Shade’ Cabernet Rose 2023 3L

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This is boxed wine all grown up. Reduced carbon footprint, increased recyclability and 5% of revenue going to charity.

From the winemaker: It’s all so common now, so we went about creating this wine for the rose tragic. Picking the cabernet grapes earlier than most in the region gave us an edge on the style, allowing for more natural acidity, brighter aromatics, and lower alcohols – the result is a stupidly drinkable and smashable rose that’s just as at home with a slab of stinky cheese, as it is sipping  by the pool with a giant flamingo floatie.

Made from the same stock of Cabernet planted in 1990, so the complexity runs deep through the wine, with such a light, refreshing touch.

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