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Ester Spirits

Ester Spirits Dry Gin 700ml 43%

Ester Spirits Dry Gin 700ml 43%

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 A striking Dry Gin, using a traditional all-in method of distillation. The recipe takes the clean, juniper-forward profile inspired by a classic London Dry style before layers of our own unique Australian twist, a punch of savoury citrus flavour and the judicious accent of locally grown botanicals.

Aromatically, a proud hit of juniper, coriander and liquorice root spike the spirit with dry spice and herbaceous intensity. Then unctuous, macadamia-enhanced texture floats across the tongue, animated by earthy citrus notes of native finger lime and lemon myrtle. Sweet mandarin lifts the finish while adding a twist of elegance. The result? An unfiltered, exceptionally classy and well-balanced gin for classicists and modernists alike, and a natural for any traditional gin cocktails.

Classic + elegant +well balanced. 

Feature elements of juniper, coriander, finger lime and sweet mandarin. Spicy and sweet, floral and fiery. 

Suited to all classic gin cocktails, makes one of the best Negronis going round. 

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