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La Sirene Brewing

La Sirene Brewing Truth & Wisdom - Coolship Collection

La Sirene Brewing Truth & Wisdom - Coolship Collection

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“The anticipation of how this authentic wild ale would develop has kept me intrigued and engaged over many years and it is with great pleasure that we announce  – it has exceeded our expectations in the complexity & balance stakes.

This True Wild Ale is displaying Nature at her best, showing the perfection she effortlessly delivers when allowed to fully express herself without any brewer interference. I say ‘she’ as there is an elegance and sophistication in this wild ale that is undoubtedly feminine yet has a balance that is ethereal and seamless. The blending of the 3 years however is really where it comes into its own, to have 3 x consecutive years of spontaneous wild ale to blend from is such a new and exciting achievement in this country and we believe this is the most authentically made blended spontaneous wild ale ever made in Australia in the vein of the great Lambic beers of the old world using our authentic Coolship coupled with the traditional method.

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