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Ocelot Sea Salt - 70% dark chocolate 70g

Ocelot Sea Salt - 70% dark chocolate 70g

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Rich dark chocolate lifted by a salty-sweet kick of hand-harvested sea salt from Scotland.

Meet Ocelot – speciality organic chocolate handmade in a micro choco- late factory in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded by Matt and Ish, the Ocelot team is passionate about organic & sustainable practices. In partner- ship with Original Beans, the cocoa farmers they work with are given more than a living income (1.78 x the Fairtrade Premium). These farmers nurture the trees, handpick the cocoa pods & hand-separate the beans for fermentation. The cocoa beans are sun dried & hand-peeled, before processing into nibs, paste, butter & powder. Ocelot's 70% chocolate is made from beans grown in Virunga National park - Africa's oldest nature reserve & the home of the last Mountain Gorillas. There, the farmers are working to protect the gorillas, & their beans reflect this wondrous region, creating chocolate with rich & tart flavours of dark fruits, earthy forest floor, smoky tobacco. Ocelot's 50% dark milk chocolate is made with rare Amelonado beans grown by a pioneering all female cooperative in East- ern Congo. All of their chocolate is OF&G certified organic, and is crafted with unrefined cane sugar and no preservatives or emulsifiers. Ocelot's packaging is made from sustainable paper stock, and the inner film is 100% home & industrial compostable.

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