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Cobaw Ridge

Cobaw Ridge Grenache 2022 - Pyrenees

Cobaw Ridge Grenache 2022 - Pyrenees

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Notes from the winemaker: Over the years we have been tempted to make a "second" wine but always came back to the driving force of our core philosophy which restricted any source of quality grapes... being, it had to be certified organic!
After seeing the results that Joshua has had from the Pyrenees Vineyards of M. Chapoutier and how the wines have evolved we knew this had huge potential. This was all confirmed after a site visit last summer. Great site and abundant soil derived traits ...think shale, mudstone and quartz aplenty! The vineyards are Certified organic, grown with skill and great care. All the things that fully aligned with our own vision and goals.
It was an easy decision to move forward. The labels pictify, in different light, the reverse of the monolithic signage, situated on the hill top overlooking the vineyard and entrance to the estate!

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